T E L L  M E
what have i done

┌ The lines start to blur;
I get so confused

I get shiny new models mixed up
with the blues

I get binary code mixed up
with abuse

The facts are simply one option to choose.

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I’m going to quit roleplaying. 

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      ✖] ”What the—?”



If someone told you to jump off a bridge in exchange for an IHOP all-you-can-eat, would you take it?

      ✖] No way, jumping is way too much effort.



Turn offs are different from turn ons.


      ✖] Oh, come on.

What’s the worst that could happen.



Remember when he said you were too easy…

      ✖] Says the man who’s weak against tears. Besides, it’s not like anything bad has happened because of his thing for pancakes! (Jail bait adventure excluded.) 



If you say “pancakes” three times in a mirror, Wendell with appear.

      ✖] Actually saying it once is enough, it just takes him some time to get there.